Sunday, 6 March 2011

GO BANG! / Birthday Sex


Here's a poster I whipped up for the lovely people at Go Bang!, who put on a really cool night at the Deers Head. They play really fun music, stuff that you just gotta dance this...

The image in the poster is of Grace Jones, I used a halftone-effect as the image wasn't super duper quality. But I think the use of this effect is apropriate. I was thinking of NYC disco's whilst making this poster...just so you know.

I've not heard Birthday-Sex yet, but going by their name, they gotta be good, right? Get yourself down to it, have a dance, I'll see you there!


Two of my favourite people approached me recently, asking me to make them a logo for them. They're djs...the name plug came out of their old radio show. I came up with a pretty minimal solution for this. I was focusing on plugs LOADS and last minute decided to go with a switch as I like the connotations attached to switching-on.

This is just a (very) rough experiment to show how the symbol could be adapted for promotional material. Early days...

Monday, 28 February 2011

New Digs

Hi! (WARNING: Long Post)

It's a new year for our wee clubnight, and now we've a new venue. I was so stoked when Ronan told me we got The Menagerie! It's without a doubt, one of my favourite venues in Belfast, being quite intimate and full of charm (not to mention having a cracking line of beers on offer).

I think TrenchFoot will be right at home.

With the new poster I tried to reference us moving to the new venue, in using an image of some army dudes digging a trench. The type and image are cut up and reassembled, again because I was thinking of us taking the clubnight apart & putting it back together. Another feature I added (as an experiment mostly) was placing the image and logo at a different angle. This way we can hang the posters in two ways. I guess some people might be more stoked off an image than type (an vice versa). Gives the viewer a bit more to work with I feel.

We have allot of plans for the clubnight this year, moving to the Menagerie is just the start...

Thanks to Chris and also to the lovely Third Man Theme, for giving the event & poster some love.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

No Pain, No Gain

Remember the snow? Over Christmas? There's allot of fun to be had with snow. Between sledding, snowboarding on golf courses & generally just trying to stay warm, I also managed to write the word 'PAIN' in 5-foot letters in a public place, for no real reason at all.

Here's a photo of it.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mag Cover of the year?

I couldn't resist picking this magazine up, LOOK AT IT. As well as 'THE IRISH WOMAN WHO TRIED TO KILL MUSSONLINI,' there are some other fantastically titled articles;

'Daisy Bates: Irish Champion of the Austrailian Aborigines'
'Blackmail In Ballydoreen'
'A Tale of Two Words'

I'd love to post a link to their website, but they don't got one. Someone out there should hook them up yo!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

This Wednesday (22nd)...

Hello all! I'm happy to be able to tell you that our Winter Fuel Allowance, this coming Wednesday, will be topped off by Girls Names. They just launched their new split 7" single last night at the Menagerie and it was a great evening. We even got see Sea Pinks play, as original support act Charles Hurts had to pull out due to the snow blanket.

Please do come down and join us if you can, we'd love to see you, and you might even get a 'special' gift! Plus you get to feel awesome for donating money to a very worthy cause!

Monday, 13 December 2010

TrenchFoot - Winter Fuel Allowance

Hello all! Hope you're warm.

This is the poster for the upcoming TrenchFoot event, The Winter Fuel Allowance. It's our way of raising some money for a good cause, at an important time of year. All proceeds from this gig are going to The Simon Community, who do awesome things for the homeless.

As you can see, our headliner is TBA, I have a variation of this poster lined up for the reveal!

This poster was brought to you (& me) by;

Thanks for stopping by!