Thursday, 16 October 2008

And So It All Begins...

I've been meaning to start a blog for a while but have been putting it off, as it is kinda scary...very public and that. But I am Tony and this is just a little place for me to show things of mine and show/share things that I like.

But before I do any of that, I guess I figure I have to understand how you work all this stuff.

Fingers Crossed (loads).


Robbie said...

hooray! :)
when you post some more stuff up ill make a post on mine so everyone can take a butchers, ill add you to my pals list right now though.

Tony said...

Thanks dude!

I really did mean to do this ages ago! I swear i cant use it though. I cant get the text to sit underneath the images when i publish the blog. il figure it out somehow...damn technology.