Monday, 3 November 2008

Editorial Design

Here is the final outcome of the first project of the year (kind of). I was asked to design a cover, contents, and two spreads for a magazine of my choice, which meant coming up with a title and theme of magazine. It was a really great experience and I really enjoyed it, even if there was allot to take on board. I didnt get a great mark but that's due to me not resolving my idea until late on (tut-tut). The second spread I have posted here isn't the one I handed in, but I prefer it now (after having looked back on all of the work)!

Its nice to look back on these things after a couple of weeks, the mistakes fly at you like bullets! Still allot to learn!


Whirlygig said...

i really really ridiculously love the pictures you chose :) especially that big elephant. I do so love the elephants.

Robbie said...

yeah i think it turned out pretty nicely :)
all that worryin' fer nothin'