Monday, 16 February 2009

Some Type Experiments

Here are some rough images of the type in my current university project. I'm not a photographer by any means so I am finding this rather difficult but I'm keen to use hand drawn typography as it goes with the rest of the imagery i'm using.

Bit of constructive criticism on this one would be greatly appreciated. I do intend to take more images, with coloured letters and probably in different styles.

Its great fun playin with soil though. So easy to nick.


Robbie said...

especially the bottom one

Lauren King said...

i really like the middle one tony.

very very nice :)

Yo Motherfucker said...

Looks cool man! As far as critisicm comes, I havent really got much to say except that the top one looks a bit flat. The other ones that has some shadows pops more and makes the overall feeling more intresting.
Good work!