Monday, 1 June 2009

Impression DVD Packaging

Recently finished off this dvd package for my friend Judith and her group in their final year of media production.

Im quite pleased with it, there's a little bit more to do for their final show thing though. Ive gotta try and get the braille onto them. Ive been experimenting with different ways of doing the braille first and then sticking it onto the package, as the booklet is double sided and i cant imprint at the same position on two sides. not that happy with the paper, that matt paper gets real dirty but its the only stock in reprographicsss that prints double sided...blah blah blah yeah have a look planet earth.

Please excuse the dodgy photos, they are of the mock up i did, not the final one, but its kinda the same, texts changed a bit.



Robbie said...

youll be working for warp records next!
looks good man :) good work.


nice man, grimey real grimey