Monday, 10 August 2009

Nordlys Print

I completed this poster last week in the studio, in an earlier post I showed a few colours of it and I plan to use the colourways in small sized prints. But I thought I would show this big A0 we got printed. I feel it has come out quite nicely, although I have modified it a bit to maximize the shapes of the letters in the backround. The shot was taken down at newcastle beach and it was a nightmare to carry down there with the wind!

Photo was shot by Ryan Harty, who is kindly letting me work with him in his studio this summer!
This photo is featured in the news section on his website. Check it out.


Sam Donegan said...

Looks brilliant man, good job!

Robbie said...

absolute class tony, seriously awesome and i am looking at it through the shittiest monitor in the shittiest turkish internet cafe in the world. boy done my proud.

Anti said...

Sweet. I totally agree with Sam and Robbie.