Saturday, 5 September 2009


Here is a quick screen shot of a logo i am working on for a Belfast clubnight called Equilibrium.

The tagline is "Two Floors of Alternative Tunes" (or something along those lines) so this why I decided to make the E kind of like a building with two spaces.

Can't wait to inject some colour and place some nice type with it!


Anti said...

thumbs up.

Andy Clarke said...

good shit, what club?

reminds me of the venue lol or mint

Tony said...

Its in laverys, theyre in the middle of refurbishment and its their saturday night club

I am said...

looks cool man well good idea, referencing the word equilibrium too. I total wouldn't of thought to do that. when you back in carlisle muttttthhhaaa fuckkkkaaaa

David said...

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