Monday, 14 September 2009

Rathlin Island

Myself and a couple of friends took a trip to Rathlin Island last week. Its a small island off the north coast of Ireland. Its a hot spot for bird watching and nice scenery.

We took a boat across, rather than the ferry, which was amazing as the channel across is where two oceans meet, so there are big swells and strong currents that throw small boats about! My friends Scroney's face captures the boat trip perfectly. I caught the look on his face just as we hit a big wave!

Although most of the migrating birds had left the island, I still managed to see allot of wildlife over the day including some seals and lots of different species of birds, many of which I had never seen before. The curlew we saw was my personal favourite.

We walked to the southern-most point of the island where there are massive rock formations. This is where the bird watchers gather to see puffins and guillemots and other species of migrating birds. The cliffs were an amazing sight. If you ever get the chance to visit Rathlin, you should!


Andy Clarke said...

There's some epic scenery around the west side of that national park area. I've never seen so impressive coves and bays.
Did you go across on some small company, fast track or something, some guy called Iain i think?

Tony said...

Yep thats the guy! Brilliant journey. No life jackets though. Im going to go back in April when the birds arrive, cant wait. Il probably spend more time there and see the rest of the island.