Monday, 26 October 2009


For some reason or other I've taken to drawing on egg shells recently. I got duck eggs and found something interesting about how brilliantly white they were, think they just immediately screamed "canvas" or "draw on me," at me.

Its quite relaxing to do, as you have to concentrate on not being too heavy and also on not smudging the ink, which I heavily failed on. I'll get better at it though.

These are the first couple I've done but I have more plans for the other 4 that i have left in the box...I also have planned how I am going to eat the other 4 left in the box.

Remember the bits of lego that were hair? Thats what this one reminds me of!

Lovingly placed on an old issue of grafik (which was lovingly stolen from a housemates bedroom-he'll get it back).

1 comment:

Andy Clarke said...

its a pity you didnt have a 'photographer' (hint :)) to make the shells look incredibly white