Thursday, 17 December 2009

LBi - D&AD brief

I have recently been working on one of this years D&AD briefs. I chose the LBI brief, which required a look into the LBI company. Take the company initials and see what you can come up with was basically the task. I chose to create some short animations, designed to be on websites, a sort of web viral.

Each of the animations are supposed to highlight various aspects of the company in a roundabout way. The analogue approach was used because LBI are mainly based in the digital world.

I had allot of fun making these and I think that comes across. The brief asked for the company to be seen in a new, exciting and engaging way and that was kind of why I chose to do the animations (also because I have been looking for an excuse to try moving image for a while).

I'd love your opinions on these, it would really help. I'd like to do well with this brief and I have a couple more weeks before hand in, so feedback would be great.

Sorry that they are crappy youtube quality, Im home for christmas today and it takes allot longer to upload on vimeo, but I will eventually post up better quality versions.

Merry Christmas all!

1 comment:

Andy Clarke said...

really good, I especailly like the budgie one, sounds pretty manic, I reckon that would stick in your head if you seen it on tv.

keep them coming, I'd like to see more