Sunday, 21 March 2010

Planet 6

Back once again today, makes me look like I've been working allot! This is a shot of a recently completed logo for a television production company. They specialise in making television for children, I'm not sure if that comes across but when looking at many other logos within the same field, it became apparent that the notion of television rarely fetures strongly within the majority of competing logos.

I'm pleased with the outcome of this, it was a quick output (2 days, 3 at most) and still manages to include certain elements such as the rings, which relate to saturn (the sixth planet) and also the notion of transmission.

Good fun working on a logo that hasn't got print in mind and is only to be used on screen, definitely made me think a bit differently.


Robbie said...

really, really solid. You pleased?

Tony Moore said...

pretty psyched.

Probably more psyched on the perry saturn link i slipped in there for my own amusement.

Stephen said...

This looks really good :) i like the colour

ideas factory said...

yo tonzo! it's super. it has been printed, got it all over the DVD cover, the panel really liked it. the whole pitch went perfect actually. I shall text you in the morning with more info.

cheers pal!!!