Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sci Fi Exhibition

I have recently undertaken a new brief at Uni, in which I am required to create an identity and a range of materials for a Sci Fi exhibition at the British Library. It is a past ISTD brief. I have so far come up with this logo and I''m currently working on the poster for the exhibition. Ive enjoyed researching the Sci Fi genre and working on this logo. I feel that the typographic approach is suitable as the words included in the title of the exhibition do allot of work for the user.

I'm not 100% sure on the spacing of the lighter font...that letter 'A' on alien is throwing me off. Maybe a fresh eye out there in internet land can give me their opinion?

Potential colourways. With the green and black I'm worried that 'alien in space' is coming across (which isn't all bad) when in fact I had this in mind.

As always, any comments are more than welcome!


Lee said...

Shiny silver type?

Robbie said...

still digging these a lot man. With the A you need to shift it over to the left a bit and lign it up optically rather than metrically. Its a toughy anyway but made harder with the italic but you can definitely do it. What do does it look like if you remove the space between the S and the & as if it was one word? Utopias and Aliens& have the same number of characters obviously so that might work out well - i cant help but feel like the hole isnt quite right, you know what i mean?
As for colours, dont ask me. I hate colours.