Tuesday, 2 November 2010

TrenchFoot III

The third installment of TrenchFoot & (not surprisingly) the third rushed poster. It's cool though, I like being able to respond to something and produce a poster within a day/afternoon. It provides a different sense of achievement that you get when putting the lid on a project.

So as it was the third TrenchFoot, and a band with "Third" in their title, we chose to use a mathematical/geometric theme that would revolve around triangles (which are awesome shapes). I was focusing on opposing forces and things counteracting/counter balancing eachother (if that makes sense). I found all my sisters A-Level maths work books and was going to include equations but it was way too much (see pic).

A few things that helped me with this were:

My sister's maths books
TV on the Radio's, Dancing Choose video, (dir. by NCC)
Irregular shapes

That's all I can remember for now. Might follow this up with the mixtape (if there is one).Cheers!

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