Friday, 12 December 2008

Ho Ho...HO NO!

I found these old videos on my hard drive the other day. Seemed fitting seeing its the festive season and all that. They are from a couple years ago.

I don't really do stencils, but i felt the urge to try it out at the time. I was working in shop at the time that played christmas music non stop and made me wear christmas i was sick of it. This was a reaction to that i think.

It was inspired by a skater/designer i like called Fos. He owns Heroin Skateboards and Landscape Skateboards does nearly all the graphics. He is also the art director of american clothing company Altamont. You should definitely have a wee look at Altamont and Heroin Skateboards, some really interesting products and graphics.

These videos are the only remaining evidence of that stencil ever existing! Can't tell you why that is though!

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