Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Super Phun Thyme

Unorganised parties are always fun. One ended up happening at my house on saturday so i decided to set up the time lapse feature on my mac. The results were good, and can be seen in the video i've posted above! Please note: The last few secs of this video are worth the wait, for those people who are watchin that either don't know the people in the video or are bored watchin the start.

I'll post some of the "interesting" photos up here soon too.

One love x


Robbie said...

hahahahaha fuck man that was awesome :D
it was mostly just a film about graham really thought wasnt it haha.

Tony said...

yeah i know!

I posted it for the end mainly, and the cereal eating.

Ive got a couple other time lapse videos from that night, hopfully get them up soon. Theres another one thats a bit more busy.

Maybe get some more footage on saturday!

Fia. said...

haha. that was seriously the best movie ever! looked like a great night. wish I could hang around there.. hope you are ok. xxx