Wednesday, 22 September 2010

This Evening (22nd September)

Hi there, hope you are all swell.

Tonight is Trenchfoot! The clubnight I have been helping my good friend Ronan with. If you are in Belfast, I really hope you can make it down...what else is there to do on a Wednesday evening.

Plus if you do make it to this wonderful event, not only will you get to hear great music, you may become the proud owner of the first Trenchfoot mixtape, compiled by Ronan Linskey. I did a quick cover for it too, which you can see below...recycled University project, I know! It's gray because we cant afford colour...yet! I predict more mayhem yet to come from this clubnight.

Trenchfoot is happening in Lavery's Bunker
Girls Names, Sea Pinks, Not yet out of the woods DJs
Doors from 9.30pm.
Five pound before midnight, negotiable price afterwards.
Free mixtapes (limited to 30, but maybe if you leave contact details we could post you one)
Lovely people and lovely bands will be there, so get yourself down.



Mica said...

I like this alot indeedy

Tony Moore said...

Thank you kindly!