Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Giz a job

Hi everyone (or no-one, I really have no clue if anyone looks at this blog?!) I hope you are fine and dandy and all that.

I have been continuing down the path of experimenting with my graphics tablet and getting used to/more comfortable with it. This is the latest drawing I have completed. It was a bit more prepared and thought out than the last doodle.

With job hunting at the forefront of my existence at the moment, this phrase has been floating around my brain...I constantly just want to shout it out (suppose it's a little tourette's thing?). I guess if I could just blurt it out it would cut out all the bullshit of going about getting a job. The nosebleed thing was for my own amusement, I was thinking about getting nervous and having a nosebleed and thought that was funny.

Still very much enjoying drawing and working on these typographic treatments (in between job hunting). Sure this is riddled with flaws and mistakes etc but its an exercise in using the tablet and isn't really for anything so I'll not lose sleep over it. Please do let me know your thoughts on this however, I'd love to hear what you think (seriously comment yo).

In other vastly important news, I've got British Sea Powers new EP & its great (also good value for money, £6 and clocks in at 40+minutes).



Victor said...

Looking good mate, how difficult are graphics tablets to use? I've always fancied the idea but never actually got my hands on one

Sam Fisher said...

looks sick man, btw wheres your follow button i cant find it x