Monday, 4 October 2010

Kind of new work

Hello hello hello,

I got really lucky recently, in that my good friend Ryan (and his band of merry stormtroopers) at hartydesign, invited me to his studio to help me create something that would stand out to potential employers a bit more than a plain text email (which was what I was doing up until then).

So I ventured to his studio at the foot of the Mourne mountains, and set about learning bits and bobs of html and then designing & building the "e-mailer." I am really happy with the end result, and I can kind of show you it...

TONY MOORE E-MAILER!!! (might be a couple of broken links, it's a test email)

The reason why I have to show you it through a hyperlink and image, and not in your inbox, is because I came up against a few problems that I shant bore you with. I tried to get around these obstacles and send the mailer out but came up with nothing.

I could be angry that this never reached the millions and millions (about 50 people) that it was intended for, but that would be stupid. Instead, I'm just really stoked that someone helped me out and taught me something new! I learned allot in the time spent on this, and you can't knock learning new things.

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