Monday, 15 November 2010

New logo in development


Most people won't know this but my dad is a singer (opera/classical, that sort of vibe), over the years he has performed in many a choir and on many a stage. One of the choirs he's in at the moment is called the Saint George's Singers (Belfast based). They needed a wee facelift and asked me to come up with a new logo for them, I'll probably produce some other items too.

The group are cross-community and it's non religious choir. They are however, very much traditional and their repertoire consists of mostly baroque and classical period pieces. They don't have uniform either, so no colours have been specified yo.

So this is where I am at with the mark. I don't know if this is obvious, but I have focused on the group doing what do, which is getting together to form a coherent unit (that being the Saint George Singers). So the type is loose, letting the glyphs all perform individually but still tight enough to read and work together. The arrangement of the letters mirrors that of a traditional choir stage arrangement, tiered and staggered.

If you have any feedback, comments etc. they would be most appreciated!

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Tim Phelan said...

It looks good at a first glance but really nit picking;

In my opinion there's something a tiny bit uncomfortable about having 2/3 pixels of the serifs visible because of the overlap.

I would maybe look at at few other typefaces. Perhaps don't be afraid to try something modern or unexpected purely because of the nature of a 'classical choir group'.

I always fall into that loop hole myself, constantly trying to relate the genre to the type and resultantly producing nothing new to the design.