Wednesday, 17 November 2010

TrenchFoot Signage!

I'm pretty damn excited about this. My good friend Michael Thomson (a.k.a. Big T-Man, Thomson, Micky T) used to work at a local delicatessen in Belfast called Arcadia (awesome shop) and whilst refurbishing a couple of years ago, they came across the old shop sign, along with colour strips, letters, numerals, the lot! Luckily it fell into Thomsons hands and has lived with him ever since. UNTIL NOW!

Yep, now we have a TrenchFoot need for it at all, it just looks fecking sweet, don't you agree? (just so you know, the sign is roughly 700mm x 400mm)

It's allot more work to set this up than I thought. I guess most people would just write what they want and thats that. But I like to make things difficult for myself and I get concerned with kerning and layout issues, things that no one at the event will care about. I can see myself being up all night with this, tweaking by hand! The little imperfections are slightly cool though I think.

Maybe you would like some personalised messages written on the TrenchFoot sign? If so, let me know, it'd be my pleasure!

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Tim Phelan said...

If you printed (or photocopied) on acetate you could avoid all those kerning hours and nobody could tell the difference. Also, allowing you to keep all those imperfections + avoiding anyone tampering with the display. Just a thought?